Zero Trust Security

“Trust but verify”, often quoted by former American President Ronald Reagan is not good enough when it comes to the integrity of the enterprise’s core. That is because trust is neither binary nor permanent. In an age driven by information, organizations are always on the edge of attacks motivated by profit, ideology/hacktivism or organizational discontent. CDS’s Zero trust security protocol that eliminates the concept of trust from network architecture.

Unlike traditional security models that trust internal entities with one time authorization, Zero Trust considers all entities as external and verifies every access attempt between users and resources to ensure continuous safety. This is a necessity in a dynamic, hybrid and remote workplaces due to BYOD (bring your own device), IoT and increased collaboration to ensure business resilience. Enterprises gain better visibility across your users, devices, containers, networks, and applications while users and users can get a consistent and more productive security anywhere, through any device through any endpoint.