Legacy security technologies operate in silos and case to case basis generating endless and often incomplete, inaccurate alerts forcing security teams to piece together investigative clues from a plethora of analyst data, delaying response and making networks vulnerable for attacks. In a modern work environment these technologies also aren’t able to detect threats across various access points like emails, internet and cloud.

CDS’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR technology builds and improves on current endpoint threat detection and response and expands visibility, analysis and response across emails, clouds, networks and servers. XDR combines data analysis and machine learning capabilities in a holistic environment which reduces analyst effort and automates response.

Comprehensive Analytics

XDR analyzes thousands of alerts and correlates them, to derive context in order to report a smaller number of high priority alerts which doesn’t overwhelm security teams.

Deep Detection

XDR leverages its visibility into all access points across the entire network to thoroughly detect vulnerabilities that could be hiding within legitimate software, file etc and effectively manage alerts and create a playbook of normal behaviour to make future detection faster.

Automated Response

XDR with machine learning efficiency automates playbook driven responses that are constantly updated across access points including email, servers, containers and cloud.