Applications are based on data that is stored in numerous locations such as servers, containers, in premise data centres and public cloud environments. But in an increasingly remote and hybrid workplace and shift to work-from-anywhere model the network perimeter and the security threats that pose, have extended beyond legacy on location data centre infrastructure. Therefore a centralized, software defined architecture is needed to address this gap.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) combines network and security in a single cloud based platform to provide seamless and secure access to applications for users anywhere. To unlock the benefits of SASE, CDS combines connectivity, security and visibility in a scalable model to help various enterprises transition to cloud without having to replace existing investment.

Secure your Remote Workforce

Eliminate limitations of VPN and proxy based web gateways for the remote workforce that can threaten your enterprise’s security and introduce unwanted complexity. SASE combines network and security in a single holistic platform than disjointed products.

Complete Data Protection

SASE’s cloud native solution provides complete visibility to monitor your data across all access points. Track, monitor and govern sensitive data throughout your enterprise and prevent unauthorized transfers and policy violations.

Integrated CASB

Ensure secure gateways to SaaS applications and other cloud resources by implementing security policy enforcement points between your enterprise and service providers. Combine authentication, authorization, device profiling, credential mapping, malware detection and prevention and many more in a single transparent platform.

Autonomous Digital Experience Management

Traditional architectures rely on redirecting all traffic to corporate data centres which introduce latency and hinder smooth user experience. With modern enterprise resources distributed in public cloud, Saas and data centres, IT teams struggle to diagnose and monitor performance issues within the network especially in remote working conditions. With SASE you gain detailed insights between users and applications with better problem isolation and root cause analysis.