Virtual Desktop

CDS utilizes virtual machine technology to provide seamless and resilient Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), a desktop interface that lives on a remote and centralized server that users can access on request.

CDS’s VDI technology runs through highly secure connections and advanced web gateways allowing users to connect to their office desktop anywhere from any device.

Remote access

VDI can be accessed through any device, anywhere allowing users to work from anywhere and access their work related data and applications.

Cost Effective

Most of the processing happens on the centralized server eliminating the need for devices with specific hardware requirements. Users can connect with any device such as laptops or tablets which reduces IT hardware cost.


VDI secures the data by storing it on the server and not on the devices of the users which can be stolen or compromised.

Centralized Management

VDI makes it easy for IT teams to maintain and update desktop configurations centrally.