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We offer post integration support and maintenance services to ensure maximum utilization of the deployed infrastructure ensuring uptime levels based on business requirements. This is designed based on the unique needs of each customer and can consist of the following individually or in combination on-call, on-site and remote.

On Call Support Services
We provide 8x5 and 24/7 on call support options. These can be based on an annual fixed charge or on per call basis. These services cover either assessment, installation, trouble shooting and maintenance or a combination.

Facilities Management Services [FMS]
FMS is a focused business for Central. We provide skilled & certified manpower to maintain and manage complex environments. We take a very unique approach of providing multiple redundancy levels supervised by a Program Manager. The type of engineer to be placed on-site is arrived at after an in-depth study of the customer’s environment and requirement. Our FMS team is able to leverage tools to provide efficient reporting and proactive updates to the customers. These tools are either
internally provided by Central or by the customers.

Our FMS teams delivers support as per agreed terms and ensures that we meet the required service levels thereby ensuring optimum uptime commitments.

Our Facility Management Services involves the following areas;
• Desktop & Server Management
• Helpdesk Management
• Network & Security Management
• Storage & Back-Up Management
• Vendor Management
• Change Management
• Inventory & Asset Management

Remote Infrastructure Management [RIM]
Remote IT Infrastructure Support has become critical for any business growth, by providing management of global networks, databases and applications. Remote Infrastructure Management helps organizations optimize critical systems with a complete range of solutions and services.

Central’s Remote Infrastructure Management Team has a pool of experts to address various technologies and critical operations to ensure overall optimization of business performance. Our approach takes into consideration not just the technology but also all other business critical objectives. We work on various models to ensure 24x7 data accessibility, improved performance, and operational flexibility with minimal business disruption. We have the expertise to design Data Center Services for large as well as small and medium businesses. We offer an easy flexible model that allows either dedicated or shared services based on customer business needs.

Service Deliverables
• Server Management
• Network Management
• Database Administration
• Backup and Storage Management
• Web Infrastructure
• Technology Management
• IT Infrastructure Monitoring, Management, Availability and Performance
• Vendor and Third Party Supplier Management
• Service Levels Based Management and Governance

Our experts employ proven and tested methodology that includes
• Consulting Services - designing and deploying IT Operations & Process based on ITIL processes and standards for procedures and service delivery.
• Secure and redundant connectivity to your Data Center from our Operations Management Centers
• Using world-class remote management tools
• Defining and implementing a transition management process
• Deploying program management with real-time management dashboards/portals

We support most major technologies across Operating Systems, Network Devices, Messaging and Collaboration platforms, Web and Application Servers, Databases, Security Devices, as well as Backup and Storage devices.

Customers can derive the following benefits
• Reduction in operation cost
• High Service Availability
• Increased ROI
• Customized engagement models based on process