Power Conditioning

Modern business is seldom a single player game. It involves numerous valuable human resources operating through complex technologies, machinery, devices and appliances that require power to function. To ensure the quality of business enterprises can’t afford to lose power supply or spend time in maintaining faulty gridlines. Therefore it is not possible to rely on traditional power infrastructures that are burdened with countless voltage spikes, surges, signal noise and frequency distortions that can damage electronics and disrupt operations.

Power conditioners are electrical components that improve the quality of power supplied to computer components by continuously ensuring adequate supply of voltage required for these appliances to function efficiently. A power conditioner also regulates and supplies a clean source of AC power by removing surges, spikes, sags, noise, and frequency irregularities.

While alternating current power conditioners clean and regulate AC power to electrical equipment, power line conditioners absorb and modify power according to the specific power required of individual devices. CDS’s superior power conditioning solutions protects computers, AV and network data lines and reduces total cost of ownership.