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Central’s practice on open source is aimed at providing robust Messaging and Internet Security solutions to small and medium enterprises.  Central’s offerings revolve around the following solutions.

Linux Support

Onsite support, Remote administration, Server support,
Support contracts, Linux Servers & Linux Desktops

Linux Deployment

Installation, All major Distributions, Firewalls, File Sharing
(Windows & Linux), Mail servers & Hosting/Application servers

Networking and Security

Firewalls, Routers, Proxies & Gateways & NMS

Managed Services

Web servers, Application servers, Email servers, LAN Servers & File Servers

Popular Linux services
we support

Networking - Firewall/IPTABLES, Routing, Nessus, Squid, OpenVPN, PopTop (PPTP) & IPSec


Hosting - Apache, Tomcat, Bind, DHCP, DNS, FTP, Webmin, Sendmail, Postfix, POP3, IMAP, ClamAV & SpamAssassin


Servers - Samba file server, NMS using Nagios & Open source Application Servers

Central’s open sources offerings provides the following business benefits;

    • Ease of Deployment & Management
    • Cost effective
    • Secured
    • Scalable, grow as you need flexibility
    • Reduced Operating cost