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Central offers solutions based on Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture, which helps customers to increase the profitability, bring greater efficiency and productivity to the network by deploying the Smart Business Architecture.

The Cisco® Smart Business Architecture is a comprehensive network design for medium-sized and enterprise companies. The architecture incorporates campus, WAN, wireless, security, WAN optimization, and unified communication technologies tested together as a solution. This solution-level approach removes the risk of interoperability problems between different technologies, allowing the customer to select the parts that solve their business problems rather than worrying about the technical details. This architecture has been designed to meet the following goals of medium/enterprise businesses:

• Ease of use: The solution can be deployed with the minimal amount of configuration; network management is simplified, and the architecture is modular so customers can select the technologies they need.

• Cost-effective: Products used in the architecture were designed for medium-sized companies / enterprises.

• Flexible and Scalable: The architecture is designed to grow with the company without being redesigned and the products have the ability to be reused within the architecture preventing forklift upgrades.

Architectural Benefits
Below are some of the benefits our customer will derive by deploying the Cisco Smart Business Architecture.

• A standardized design, tested and supported by Cisco and Cental
• Optimized architecture for medium-sized companies and enterprises
• Flexible architecture to help ensure easy migration as the business grows
• Seamless support for quick deployment of wired and wireless network access for data, voice, teleworker, and wireless guest
• Security and high availability for corporate information resources, servers, and Internet facing applications
• Improved WAN performance and cost reduction through the use of WAN optimization
• Simplified deployment and operated by Central highly skilled engineers